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Reading book lists

Book Lists for Parents

There is a huge wealth of good books available for children to read these days which is great but keeping up with new releases and knowing what could be the right recommendation to give is challenging.

Below are some links to book lists for different age groups of children that may help you in providing your child with exciting texts to read at home.

Please note: These books have not all been checked by us as a school and these are merely lists of books which may support your child. Not every child is emotionally or academically ready for books which may be in their appropriate age bracket so please make sure that you are happy with the content and level of challenge before giving any of these to your child.

  • Click here for Early Years book list
  • Click here for Key Stage One book list
  • Click here for Year 3 book list
  • Click here for Year 4 book list
  • Click here for a Year 5 book list
  • Click here for a Year 6 book list
  • Click here for a list of books, hint and tips for parents of reluctant readers or children with dyslexia or dyslexic tendencies.