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Curriculum Aims and Intent

At Southbury Primary School, we aim to develop well-rounded individuals who are driven by our school values. Our curriculum is designed to engage and challenge, whilst meeting the needs of all pupils. Through careful progression planning and sequencing, we aim to ensure that all children have equal access to a broad and balanced curriculum that enhances life experiences for all.

We are developing a knowledge rich, vocabulary heavy curriculum that provides children with a variety of experiences, skills and knowledge in order to encourage future aspirations. We have created opportunities within the curriculum to nurture the whole child from their physical development through to their mental health and wellbeing, specifically through incorporating problem solving, creativity, knowledge and resilience in order to best prepare children to make a positive contribution to their community and the wider society.

Our curriculum provides children with the opportunity to apply their learning in different contexts, therefore embedding and consolidating skills. This love of learning and depth of knowledge is promoted across the school. Our core values underpin everything that we do and support our aspirations and ambitions for all our pupils.


Our whole school overview for the wider curriculum can be found here, please also see the individual pages for each year group for the termly curriculum mapping and other information specific to a particular year group.

Each curriculum area is led by one of our curriculum leaders. The role of the curriculum leader is key to the implementation of our curriculum. All curriculum leaders are responsible for the whole school approach to their subject and have oversight of progress from EYFS through to Year 6. They attend network meetings, internal and external CPD and have the knowledge, expertise and practical skills to be able to lead their areas effectively. They are responsible for the curriculum design, delivery and impact in their own curriculum area. Curriculum leaders and leaders at all levels, including Governors, regularly review and quality assure the curriculum areas to ensure that they are being implemented effectively and coverage and breadth and balance is planned for.

For greater detail of how we implement our curriculum for each individual subject, please see the individual subject pages. 


For our core subjects, we use a variety of planning resources as we believe that following one programme does not provide the bespoke teaching and learning experience that we want for our pupils. Using prior knowledge as a starting point for all future planning and teaching, we plan lessons that enable and encourage all pupils to make progress across all areas. We regularly hold whole school CPD to keep our approach up to date and to enable teachers to plan a curriculum that meets the needs of all children.


Assemblies form a key strategy to the implementation of our curriculum. Each week, we hold a values based assembly; these assemblies take real world examples, current local and world news and commemorative occasions and view them through the lens of one or some of our values. Children will be given opportunities to reflect on these and how they can incorporate the school values into a positive week. There is also a weekly ‘Early Morning Work’ slot designated to the half termly value, whereby children discuss and complete a short activity based on the current value.

Additionally, each week a ‘Gold Book’ celebration assembly takes place for Key Stage One and Key Stage Two, that promotes and celebrates children’s attitudes to learning, as well as children who have actively demonstrated/contributed positively to the current school value.


Assessment at Southbury Primary School is designed thoughtfully to shape future learning.  It continues to be an on-going process whereby teachers have the tools to assess the pupils they teach on a daily/weekly basis based on the objectives from the curriculum. This means that assessment has become an integral part of the teaching and learning process and teachers are able to make more informed and secure judgements, as well as enabling teachers to easily identify next steps/pupil targets. It is not only through testing, but through daily practice and is used to inform next steps for children.  

Teachers ensure that pupils are given plenty of opportunities to embed key concepts in their long-term memory.  Key skills and objectives for curriculum areas are revisited throughout the year and applied in different contexts. 

We undertake termly data collection and analysis and teachers update pupils progress towards the key objectives of the National Curriculum for Maths and English using weekly assessment/target sheets. Children are regularly given feedback which could be verbal feedback and through daily marking. Assessments are reliable and are moderated within our designated moderation CPD to ensure that expected outcomes are fully understood by all staff.


Children leave Southbury Primary School with a secure academic understanding; as well as the understanding of how to be socially, morally, spiritually and culturally responsible and aware. They will have been taught how to make positive contributions to the local community and how to endeavour to be the best that they can be.

We aim for all of our children to leave Southbury School as respectful, responsible and resilient individuals who are happy, ambitious, well rounded and not only secondary ready, but ready for a future that they can confidently access.