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Bonjour! Comment ça va?

At Southbury Primary School, we are proud of the many languages already spoken in our community and we build on this by providing pupils with the opportunity to learn another language. In KS2, the teaching of a modern foreign language is compulsory under the 2014 curriculum. KS2 pupils learn French and have a weekly lesson and as of September 2023, pupils are following the Language Angels scheme of work. This is an exciting scheme which provides children with strong foundations in French. Children receive logins, so they can practise language covered in class through games and songs online to consolidate their language learning at home.

Why learn a foreign language?
At Southbury, we firmly believe that learning a foreign language is important for children's development for many reasons:
  •  It also promotes cultural understanding. Not only does learning a foreign language deepen the children's understanding of other cultures and the wider world, but it also contributes to their understanding of their own cultures and identities.
  • ​​Learning a foreign language increases critical thinking skills, creativity and encourages children to make links between languages. It also helps to improve children’s understanding of English. Comparing grammatical concepts between a foreign language and English reinforces the rules of the English language.
  • ​It builds self-confidence. Children get a great sense of achievement from learning to say things in another language, especially in front of an audience.
  • ​Firstly, it's fun! We aim to promote enjoyment of language learning, encouraging active use through story-telling, songs, dialogues, games and drama in our lessons throughout a range of topics.
Phrase of the Week
Each week, KS2 participates in practising a specific phrase in French. This gives the children the opportunity to communicate for practical purposes and use their French language skills and knowledge outside the French lessons as part of daily life. Parents and carers are welcome to join in too; the 'Phrase of the Week' schedule is available to download.

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