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Religious Education

Welcome to the R.E Section of our School Website

At Southbury Primary School, Religious Education (R.E) plays a pivotal role in helping to develop children who show a mutual respect and tolerance towards those who are of different faiths, belief systems and cultural backgrounds.

The R.E curriculum also promotes British Values as well as our own school values to encourage the children to contribute positively to community life and to the diverse world in which we live. 

Year groups are given the opportunity to visit places of worship and meet with leaders and practitioners of different faiths.

Our R.E lessons are taught in accordance with the Enfield Agreed Syllabus which sets out the statutory entitlement to R.E for pupils in all non-denominational schools in the borough. We teach from the ‘Enfield Religious Education Scheme of Work Framework for KS1 & KS2’ which contains Programmes of Study that shows clear progression across the key stages. The syllabus centres around just two Attainment Targets (ATs): Learning About Religion (AT1) and Learning From Religion (AT2).  Children are assessed on the extent to which clearly stated Learning objectives are met in lessons and what they achieve by the end of each unit of work.

R.E in the Early Years Foundation Stage is generally taught under the specific area of ‘Understanding the World’, an Early Learning Goal.  Units of learning include: ‘Special Times and Events in the Family’ (Nursery) and ‘Celebrations and Traditions – Christmas and Eid’ (Reception).

Our learning environments are warm, welcoming and safe spaces in which children feel confident to: share and explore their own beliefs; ask deep and meaningful questions; consider wider world concepts and the effects they have on our society; and, to discuss and present their own and others’ views on questions of belonging, meaning, purpose and truth through different forms e.g. music, art and poetry.

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