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We are a well staffed school in order to ensure that our pupils have the opportunity to access quality first teaching, and all pupils are able to make excellent progress during their time with us at Southbury.

We have a Teaching Assistant in each year group to further support the learning of our pupils, and we also have additional teachers so that Maths lessons across the school are taught in smaller and more targeted groups.

Our staff work exceptionally hard and are fully dedicated to ensuring that our pupils here at Southbury leave us as well-rounded individuals, ready for Secondary School.

Leadership Team

  • Mr Bryant: Head Teacher
  • Mrs Panteli: Deputy Head Teacher/ Assessment/Behaviour/English/Health & Safety/Y6
  • Ms Whincup: Assistant Head Teacher/Inclusion Manager/Lead Child Protection Officer
  • Miss Ruggeri: Assistant Headteacher/Phonics/Mentoring/Teacher

Nursery Staff

Ms Kanatli: Teacher
Ms Williams: Teaching Assistant 
Mrs Bozych: Learning Support Assistant

Miss Prodromou: Teaching Assistant

Mrs Singh: Teaching Assistant 

Mrs Khan: Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Nizam: Early Years Bi-Lingual Support

Reception Staff

Mrs McMurray: Teacher/Foundation Stage Leader
Miss Docherty: Teacher
Mrs George: Teaching Assistant

Mrs Roberts: Teaching Assistant

Mrs Bickle: Learning Support Assistant

Mrs Heaton-North: Teaching Assistant 

Mrs Knipes: Learning Support Assistant

Mrs Dojek: Learning Support Assistant

Year 1 Staff

Mrs Patsoura: Teacher/Geography 
Mrs Kierans: Teacher/PSHE Lead
Miss Sparks: Teaching Assistant
Mrs Komoruzzaman: Teaching Assistant

Mrs Roy: Learning Support Assistant

Miss Dursun: Learning Support Assistant

Year 2 Staff

Miss Ruggeri: Teacher/ AHT
Miss Barker: Teacher/MFL Leader
Mrs Jackson: Teaching Assistant
Miss King: Teaching Assistant
Miss Heaney: Learning Support Assistant

Year 3 Staff

Mrs Nazim: Teacher/History Leader

Ms Mellenfield: Teacher
Miss Scales: Teacher

Mrs Conway: Teacher/Music Lead

Mrs Di Leo: HL Teaching Assistant

Miss Constantinou: Teaching Assistant

Ms Hooper: Learning Support Assistant

Year 4 Staff

Miss Dixon: Teacher/PE Lead
Miss Ozer: Teacher/Computing Leader
Miss Young: Teaching Assistant
Ms Lyte: Learning Support Assistant

Mrs Di Leo: HL Teaching Assistant

Year 5 Staff

Mrs Cinotti: Teacher/Maths Leader
Miss Georgiou: Teacher

Mrs Ellinas: HL Teaching Assistant

Ms Presta: Teaching Assistant

Ms Antoni: Teaching Assistant

Year 6 Staff

Miss Barrett: Teacher/Science Lead
Miss Harman: Teacher/Art & DT Lead
Miss Murphy: Teaching Assistant
Ms Ali: HL Teaching Assistant/Computing

Inclusion Team

Miss Bocian: HL Teaching Assistant
Ms Charalambous: Speech & Language Teaching Assistant

Non Class based Staff

Mr Baldwin: Teacher/Y3 and Y4

Miss Daniels: Teacher/Extended School Leader/RE/Values/School Council/Y5 and Y6

Mrs Glynn: Teacher/Maths Leader

Office Staff

Mrs Page: Office and Finance Manager

Mrs Harris: Administrative Assistant
Mrs Boles: Welfare/Administration Assistant
Ms Bartley: Attendance Officer
Mr Briggs: Computing technical support

Mr Campbell: Site Manager

Aditional members of staff

Miss Henriques: Teaching Assistant (maternity leave)