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Online Safety

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‘The introduction of the Computing curriculum in England aims to equip pupils with the knowledge, understanding and skills to use information and communication technology creatively and purposefully. A key aspect of this lies in being digitally literate. Online technologies play a huge role and so providing a broad and balanced online safety education at each key stage is vital to ensuring that pupils can navigate the online world safely and positively.’ - Childnet.

In KS1 Online Safety we use the LGFL program MEonline.

Using games, quizzes and activities, MEonline teaches younger children how to make the most of the opportunities that the online world presents. They learn how to use it in such a way that will further their education, further their attempt and ultimately help them to grow in the modern world.

To cover KS2 Online Safety we use the LGFL program Cyberpass.

CyberPass looks at all areas of digital and media literacy. Online safety and cyberbullying are of paramount importance and are well covered and an overall understanding of technology is established to ensure children are safe and responsible users.

The videos, activities and quizzes are a fun and engaging way to learn how to be a responsible online user. Progress is guided by challenges, prompts and feedback along the way.

CyberPass has 8 different quizzes broken up into 8 topic units. The quizzes pose a range of online scenarios for the children to respond to. They receive detailed feedback on their responses and are provided additional information in the form of videos, games and checklists for the questions they answered incorrectly. When they are ready they can re-sit the questions they got wrong and finish their CyberPass.