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School Meals

We are proud to have "Healthy Schools" status at Southbury!

All children at Southbury School are entitled to a free school meal. Children are able to bring in a packed lunch if they prefer. Our school office staff can help with any questions you may have.


HCL is our school's lunch provider and we are extremely happy with the high quality service we are provided with. School meals are packed with great and tasty ingredients. Eating the right balance of healthy, tasty food helps all children to learn and develop.

There is a variety of food choices available each day. These are selected each morning at school. Choosing a school meal will give your child the chance to try new foods and to enjoy eating with their new friends, whilst tucking into delicious meals packed full of the energy and essential nutrients they need to grow and learn.



Packed Lunches

If your child has a packed lunch, please provide a drink in a carton or plastic container (no glass bottles or cans). A lunch box is best to keep food fresh.

We have children in school who suffer from nut allergies and so we ask that no nuts or any other food containing nuts is brought into school. We are a nut-free school.

*Click on the image below for more information about being packed lunch*