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Enrichment Club

We have now launched a successful lunchtime club, our 'Enrichment Club'.  

Some of our most able year 6 pupils lead the club and coach other KS2 pupils into being able to develop the skills needed to be able to solve problems.  The idea is to be efficient in their working out and to develop their thinking skills and give them the confidence to understand that part of the mathematical process is getting stuck and learning from 'dead ends' or things that don't quite work. The focus will alternate between maths investigations and creative writing based on a given visual stimuli.

You can see the group below, working hard to solve a tricky mathematical problem from the 'nrich' website.

 Here is a taster of some of the fantasric writing that takes place within the sessions.

As I walk through the endless river of blue tulips, I decide to take a little rest under a sheltering tree. The leaves stretch out, touching other leaves, creating an emerald roof. A few of the rays of the sunlight escape into the forest.

Written by Ramin in Year 3