Overview of class lessons

Music is taught to the whole school through the year.  There are weekly song practices in key stage groups and class lessons.

Nursery: In nursery we sing lots of songs including nursery rhymes, counting songs and movement songs.  We use a variety of instruments so that we can gain confidence using them, learn correct techniques and learn about rhythm.

Reception: Reception builds on the work done in nursery, continuing to build children’s confidence in singing and playing and to extend their song repertoire.

Year 1: During year 1 we continue to learn new songs and also play instruments such as drums, tambourines, woodblocks and triangles, exploring the different sounds and creating patterns.

Year 2:  By year 2 the children are becoming confident singers and can cope well with simple rhythm work.  They have the opportunity to compose as a whole class and in small groups using classroom instruments.

Year 3: Children in year 3 are usually able to sing in tune and to cope with more complex rhythmic work.  As their reading skills improve, they are able to learn songs quickly and to accompany them on instruments. They compose in small groups using tuned and untuned percussion instruments.

Year 4:  We have been very frtunate this year in having funding to enable every child in year 4 to learn to play the flute.  The children have learnt how to hold and make a sound on the flute and have also learnt to read music.  We hope that this will continue for future year 4 groups.

Year 5: By year 5 the children have learnt good singing techniques and are able to sing songs in two parts and to look at more complex accompaniments using instruments. They will also use tuned and untuned instruments creatively as they compose in groups. 

Year 6: By the time children reach the top of the school they are familiar with a range of songs and have used a variety of tuned and untuned instruments.  They will have the opportunity to compose songs and raps and to create longer compositions.