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The maths work your child is doing at school may look very different to the kind of 'sums' you remember. This is because children are encouraged to work mentally, where possible.  Even when children are taught more formal written methods (from around year 4 onwards), they are only encouraged to use these methods for calculations they cannot solve in their heads.  However, we aim to provide children with one written method for each of the four operations which is reliable and efficient.

In the first few weeks of each academic year, we hold parents' meetings to demonstrate and explain the different methods that we teach. Each family is given a booklet explaining how the methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are taught and how each method is built on as children move through the school.

We encourage children to be openminded to solving problems in all areas of maths.

When faced with a calculation problem, encourage your child to askā€¦Can I do this in my head? Could I do this in my head using drawings or jottings to help me? Do I need to use a written method? Should I use a calculator? 

Also help your child to estimate and then check the answer.  Encourage them to ask...Is the answer sensible?

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